Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 18 - Free Christian Kindle Books!

Surviving The Wilderness - On The Way To Your Destiny

Every true Christian has a calling from Almighty God to minister in some great capacity! This dynamic book birthed out of a life of prayer and perseverance will show you different levels of a true servant's heart and life, both from the Bible and from experience! It will reveal to you how to identify your special place in the Kingdom; and stay strong during your wilderness-seasons. You will also receive great insight about what God requires from someone who desires to become one of His choice servants! In this revelatory book, you will find truths for empowerment, solace, deliverance, and restoration for any ministry the enemy sought out as a good place to attack! It is never too late to conquer territories and kingdoms! Receive new strength and impact revelation from God as you read through the pages of Surviving The Wilderness On The Way To Your Destiny!

Security: The False and the True 

A look at the debate surrounding eternal security (or Calvinism vs Arminianism). It explores various Scriptures and what they mean for our faith, salvation and life today.

Rethinking Your Purpose 

Rethinking Your Purpose is intended to provide inspirational lessons about a wide array of important aspects of understanding your purpose in life, and getting closer to God. Rethinking Your Purpose will help the reader to understand why it is crucial to get closer to God and also, will help him or her through the process of appreciate life.

done: What most religions don't tell you about the Bible

You are more than a body; you will live forever somewhere; and God is on a divine rescue mission to make sure your “forever” is safe with Him! If you enjoy being loved; if you enjoy gifts; if you care about where you will spend forever; and if you want to know the true message of the Bible, then you must read this book! Where will you spend forever? You owe this question some investigation...

Believe, Hope, Live

If you’ve ever wondered if God really exists, then this book will help. Without using technical jargon Beverly Bekker explains how the fingerprints of God can easily be found all over the earth you walk on, the cells of your body or in the vast universe. Having established that what you were taught in Sunday school is true without a doubt, you may then still wonder what God is like. Beverly explains how our heavenly Father has shown us clearly what He is like, in both the extravagant design revealed in the things that he has made and in His son Jesus Christ. In so doing God reveals how he feels about you and me. This book invites you to commit your mind and heart wholeheartedly, without reservation, to a loving God who rules with power and compassion, who knows you intimately, and who wants your allegiance and who deserves your worship. Along the way Beverly shares some personal anecdotes about love, family, friends and inspiring movies.

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