Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Bible Devotional and more!


Reading and praying God's Word can bring confidence and comfort to the soul. Originally printed in the 1800s, Daily Light has touched hundreds of thousands of Christians with the hope, peace, and joy that come from being immersed in the Word. Each day contains two carefully selected Bible readings, one for morning and one for evening. Now available in GOD'S WORD Translation, this inspiring devotional will refresh readers' spirits every day.

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"Pray What God Says" is a valuable resource that will help the believer gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer.
Learn how you can pray Scripture to: Develop unbroken communion and fellowship with God; Experience the manifestation of blessing in every facet of life by declaring the scriptures over your circumstances; Pray effectually for spiritual growth, family, health and finances for yourself and others; and Intercede to win souls and add to the body of Christ.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Free Today: The Message and more!

The Message: Solo

This innovative devotional New Testament is designed to change how you interact with God’s Word and revolves around lectio divina, or “divine reading,” an ancient approach to exploring Scripture updated for today’s Bible reader.
Includes The Message version, a topical index, and 162 numbered devotions so you can start any day of the year.

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Holiness Day by Day

Do you want more substance to your daily devotional? Then you will appreciate this one-year devotional from Navigator author Jerry Bridges.
Each entry has been carefully selected from his best writings, connecting with you on a deeper level and encouraging personal discovery.
This quick daily read is full of inspiration, commitment, and transformation for men and women to grow in spiritual maturity.

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Dwelling In His Presence

In this inspiring 30-day devotional from Navigator author Cynthia Heald, women of all ages will be encouraged to draw closer to God by embracing His relentless, passionate pursuit of those He loves.

Strong Bible teaching, compelling insights, and personal stories will encourage you to think deeply about your identity in Christ. As you take time daily to rest in God, find peace, and revive your spirit, you will grow your relationships with others--and with God.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dec 21 - Free Book: What Your Son Isn't Telling You

What Your Son Isn't Telling You, by Michael Ross and Susie Shellenberger provides a rare look at the secret lives of teen boys--a world characterized by loneliness and peer fear; one in which measuring up as a man means conforming to a code of always being a tough guy, never showing weakness, and never expressing true feelings. Too many boys feel the constant pressure to prove themselves in classrooms, on playing fields, and especially among their friends. Deep inside they hunger for family support and connection--and long to be accepted by their peers. Each chapter of this must-read book is packed with real-life stories and emails from teen boys that will give parents a new understanding of what their sons aren't telling them.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christian Bestsellers for under $5.00!

There's a number of excellent Christian Bestselling books for cheap at the moment for Kindle.

"Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman
Pastor Kyle Idleman doesn't just want to be a fan of Jesus, he wants to full heartedly commit to him and be a follower of Jesus. But how can you make the leap from fan to follower? In Not a Fan Idleman uses biblical examples to show how the people who met Jesus also had to decide if they were fans or followers, and what it meant for them to then become followers. Being a follower doesn't mean that you go to church every week, that you slap a Jesus fish on the back of your car, and that you give to charity. That's what a fan does. What a follower of Jesus does, Idleman observes, is die to themselves each and every moment of the day because 'you can't say yes to following Jesus unless you say no to living for yourself.' In this three part book Idleman helps you to discover whether you are a fan or a follower, how to recognize the invitation Jesus has given, and what following Jesus looks like in your daily life.

"Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.
Chan offers a radical call for evangelicals to consider and emulate in this debut guide to living crazy for God.  He writes with infectious exuberance, challenging Christians to take the Bible seriously. He describes at length the sorry state of lukewarm Christians who strive for a life characterized by control, safety and an absence of suffering. In stark contrast, the book offers real-life accounts of believers who have given all—time, money, health, even their lives—in obedience to Christ's call.Chan also recounts his own attempts to live crazy by significantly downsizing his home and giving away his resources to the poor.  Earnest Christians will find valuable take-home lessons from Chan's excellent book.

New Free Christian Kindle Book!

The latest free book is "God's Answers for Life's Questions"
Whatever question believers or seekers may have, they'll find a straightforward answer in the Bible. Organized by topic, this easy-to-use book covers subjects including how to know God, relationships, discouragement, finances, and many more.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 15 - Free Kindle Marriage Book:

Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half is a practical book about using our differences to complement and strengthen rather than annoy each other! 
Book Description:
It's no secret that men and women are different. And it's no secret that they don't always get along because of these differences, even when they love each other. But having a successful marriage is not about finding the perfect person to marry. It's about loving someone in an unselfish, Christlike manner. Whatever we want out of marriage--unconditional love, forgiveness, passion--that is what we have to give to our spouse. Rick Johnson shows couples how to go beyond merely tolerating each other's differences to using those God-given differences to add spice and passion to their relationship.

Check out the Free Books link for lots more Free Christian Kindle Books, including ones from Randy Alcorn, Warren Wiersbe and R. C. Sproul!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Latest Free Christian Kindle Books:

This is a great week for Free Christian Kindle books! 
Randy Alcorn's book "Money, Possessions, and Eternity" is a modern classic with a very solid Biblical perspective.  Alcorn deals straightforwardly with issues of materialism, stewardship, prosperity theology, debt, and more. An excellent choice for group study as well as individual financial guidance. Includes a study guide, indexes, and appendixes with additional resources.

Warren Wiersbe and R. C. Sproul are both great Bible teachers and will help you grow in your walk with God.  Wiersbe zeroes in on Satan's attacks as deceiver, destroyer, ruler, and accuser. He emphasizes that conquering the enemy comes by obeying God's truth. 
R. C. Sproul, in this classic work, puts the holiness of God in its proper and central place in the Christian life. He paints an awe-inspiring vision of God that encourages Christian to become holy just as God is holy. Once you encounter the holiness of God, your life will never be the same.

I haven't read Michael Sedler's "When to speak up..." but judging from the title I probably should!

Check the "Free Books" link above for the full list of other free Christian Kindle books available right now.

Monday, December 12, 2011

EBOOKS I've got for FREE this last year:

I've decided to make a quick list of just some of the DOZENS of free, quality books I've been able to download through Amazon for my new Kindle (Christmas present last year!)  There are some great books by well known authors such as Max Lucado, Warren Wiersbe, Randy Alcorn, Eugene Peterson, Bruxy Cavey and many more! At an average of about $8.00 a book, that's well over $100 saved!

How can we get these books for free?  Well, publishers usually promote them for a few days (or a couple weeks) for free to try and increase popularity and word of mouth advertising.  The trick is knowing what is free and when...Since I always enjoy a good read (especially if its free!) so have started this blog to help you find these deals too!
Check out the "Free Books" section for the latest free Kindle books; as well at the "under $3" link for quality books at super-cheap prices!