Monday, December 12, 2011

EBOOKS I've got for FREE this last year:

I've decided to make a quick list of just some of the DOZENS of free, quality books I've been able to download through Amazon for my new Kindle (Christmas present last year!)  There are some great books by well known authors such as Max Lucado, Warren Wiersbe, Randy Alcorn, Eugene Peterson, Bruxy Cavey and many more! At an average of about $8.00 a book, that's well over $100 saved!

How can we get these books for free?  Well, publishers usually promote them for a few days (or a couple weeks) for free to try and increase popularity and word of mouth advertising.  The trick is knowing what is free and when...Since I always enjoy a good read (especially if its free!) so have started this blog to help you find these deals too!
Check out the "Free Books" section for the latest free Kindle books; as well at the "under $3" link for quality books at super-cheap prices!



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